FiL Production for Purchasing Commodity

Supporting Enterprise to pursue digital transformation with FiL to enable a self-sustainable business process cycle

An enterprise itself can become a Filecoin investor to mine FiL which can be injected to the company as digital capital for the expenditure of material procurement, human resource capacity building, financial risk management with respect to currency exchange, etc. These companies can either install Filecoin mining machine internally on the premises, or buy the hosting service from eyeball FinTech. The equipment implemented in the Filecoin infrastructure not only covers eyeM5 2100C and 2100S for mining, it also includes eyeM5 8500 HPC FPGA for achieving data analytics and eyeM5 5500 for enhancing data security.

eyeM5 2100S HPC Generating FiL to support self-sustained digital transformation

FiL 產幣採購大宗商品
Source: eyeball FinTech Co., Ltd.

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