Features of eyeM5 2100S Mining Machine

Off-the-Shelf Storage Capacity Provisioning

Provisioning with computing, storage, and hosting services, plug-and-play FiL mining as for Bitcoin and ETH to enjoy fixed daily income.

  • Computing service: Exporting the computing power produced from eyeM5 HPC to storage server.
  • Storage service: Providing off-the-shelf storage capacity to ensure fixed daily income like bonds.
  • Hosting service: Hosting the mining machines directly to a 99.99% IDC right after purchase.
  • LP service: Provisioning pledged Fil by pre-filling Fil before transaction of server
  • Agency service: Transferring the ownership of mining machines from the brander/manufacturer to the customer
eyeM5 HPC Cluster

AIOT Smart Equipment Provisioning for a Sound Filecoin Business Ecosystem

健全 Filecoin 產業生態系統的 AIOT 智慧設備應用

健全 Filecoin 產業生態系統的 AIOT 智慧設備應用

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